Lincolnshire Recruitment Services Ltd



All our staff are fully trained on site, our supervisors are fully qualified in First Aid and Health and Safety. We are a member of the ALP and we are always looking for training programs or workshops to improve the standard of our business and bring new ideas and knowledge to the table.

We are always looking to better the quality of our work force. Two members of our company are currently ongoing a learning direct business course to bring more new educated skills. They have also attended ‘Stronger Together’ workshops to understand the line of work we are in, in more depth. For example knowing when a worker is vulnerable and being exploited and things such as keeping up with the GLA legislation. Training is key to our business.

Our fully trained staff make the work we do more efficient and up to date with the changing standards in our area of work. The Association of Labour Providers is a voluntary group that has also helped us keep us informed of any changes that the GLA have enforced. We have previously had an audit carried out by ALP which helped us improve our standard of business.